The end of Reamping Online?

Hello! Does the title of this post sound a bit tragic? The truth is, we’re celebrating! After a long time of working on new features, we’re finally ready to announce the changes. Meanwhile, we also decided to change the name of our website to Amp in Cloud and it goes live today!

The beta has come to an end!

We can finally say it! After many hours spent on fixing software bugs and forcing our hardware to work, everything is working as expected! We have added a bunch of bass profiles, as well as some new cool guitar profiles. They are already available on the website. There is now support for amp settings presets, …

Launch day!

Starting from today, we will be posting all news related with the website to this blog along with our facebook. Check it often for updates about new features and tips for using our services! We will also publish articles about reamping and connected in any way with recording. Photo by siraf72