The end of Reamping Online?

Hello! Does the title of this post sound a bit tragic? The truth is, we’re celebrating!

After a long time of working on new features, we’re finally ready to announce the changes. Meanwhile, we also decided to change the name of our website to Amp in Cloud and it goes live today!

You’ll probably want to try new features by yourself, so let me just briefly describe the most important changes.

Instant reamping

Probably a change with the biggest impact on most of you! You are now able to instantly listen to how your track sounds with chosen amp and settings without any delay. And of course you can still preview your track as many times as you want, free of charge.

Getting your dream tone is now faster and smoother than ever! By the way, thanks to @Franq for the awesome DI!

New favorable pricing

We’ve received a lot of requests from studios and bands that wanted to process a lot of tracks, and with them in mind we’ve created much more flexible offer. To put it simple: you will save some money when purchasing more minutes at once! This will especially come in handy for reamping full albums.

Take a look at the pricing and decide for yourself!

New brand name

As I said before, we’ve decided to change our brand name to Amp in Cloud. We believe that this name communicates better what we are doing and what is our vision for the future. From now on, we’re available at

And that’s not the end

We’re currently working on even more features to make our service faster and more pleasant to work with. Your feedback is really important for us and it’s the main reason changes like these happen, so please drop us any suggestions via the contact form!

We also love listening to the stuff you record and produce, so please share with us the results of reamping at Amp in Cloud (or Reamping Online for that matter ;)).

And don’t forget to let your friends know about us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or other social networks you’re on! I’m sure they’re going to be interested in a new way of getting professional guitar sound at home and this will help us greatly to further improve the service.

That’s all for now. Good luck on your records and getting the best sound!