How to get DIs (multitracks) for reamping

Are you curious how reamped tracks can sound, but can’t record your own DI or don’t know how? Or perhaps you’d like to play a bit with new profiles?

While wandering around the web, I’ve found a great list of free DI and backing tracks at this Ultimate Metal thread. It will for sure come in handy for trying out new profiles or Kemper’s settings. And they may come perfect for improving your mixing and mastering skills, by the way.

There’s a lot of great bands there, like Architects, As I Lay Dying, Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Periphery and Slipknot. I’d also strongly recommend looking at Killswitch Engage – Rose Of Sharyn if you haven’t yet. Personally, this is one of the best DIs I’ve ever heard!

And here’s a little bonus from us: DI of Ola Englund’s Unknown Song! Just make sure to convert the files to wav format and sample the drums.

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Photo by hkos