Kemper Profiler Tutorials

The Kemper Profiler is well known, beside profiling, for the plenty of available settings. Most of them can be changed before reamping on our website with convenient interface. It definitely pays off to know how to set them properly. It also helps if you like to spend long hours tuning the sound, until you get the perfect tone.

Take a look at these video tutorials from Kemper Amps YouTube channel. Watching them will introduce you to ideas behind Kemper Profiler and will help you choose the best settings for your guitar tracks.

Tip: you can access advanced settings if you choose the “Pro” option while uploading a DI.

Choose Pro option while uploding a DI

Stack (EQ)

These are the knobs you will probably turn the most. Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence are all available in the basic settings.

Basic amp settings

And if you’ve selected the Pro option, you will find them in the Equalizer tab.

Equalizer tab


Noise Gate

The Noise Gate can be controlled via a knob in the Input section of Pro settings.

Input section

Additionally, you can enable Gate stomps in any of the Stomp A-D tabs.

Stomp A: Gate 2:1


Input Section

The Input controls can be changed in the Input tab of Pro settings.

Input section


Stack (Amplifier)

More advanced amplifier settings, like Clarity, Definition, Pick and Power Sagging can be found in the Amplifier tab of Pro settings.

Advanced amp settings



Even more tutorials

In this post, we’ve described the settings that can be tweaked on our website, but there is even more stuff that you can do with Kemper. You can watch the Full tutorial series on YouTube.