Reamping and mixing with backing tracks

When you are looking for the perfect sound of your record, hearing guitar sound with backing track is very helpful. In almost all cases, raw guitar will not sound as good as when mixed with bass, drums, etc.

We understand this and let you upload a backing track for your guitar DI track.


First of all, you have to decide which amplifier you would like to test. In this example, we use default EQ and gain level. Eventually, you may change them later if you’re not happy with the result.
You can also decide how loud the backing track will be. In this case, we set backing signal to -6 dB.
Finally, we make sure to test our track starting from the 60th second.


All done? Let’s click “Save and test reamp” button, and wait a few seconds for reamping to complete. We can now listen to reamped track or mix it on the fly with uploaded backing track!


How it sounds? IMO really nice! 😉

Remember! This is just one track with neutral settings, without any high/low pass, exactly what the Kemper has returned.

Can’t believe? Try for yourself!
Raw tracks (click!) , author: Jaymz, source 
Preset (click!), this is just the amplifier’s profile we have used in the example.

Photo by Mourner